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Auditions are being held for StudioLIVE

Accepting Video Screen Tests for 12-20-year-olds.

Has your child dreamed of being an influencer and starring in TV, films, and commercials? With 2.66 Billion viewers online, the internet has become the place that many influencers and celebrities choose to build their Audience, Brand, and Following!

Now is your chance!

Anyone whose Screen Test is accepted in StudioLIVE will work bi-weekly with our producers/directors/talent trainers and career coaches, who will prepare them to create and enhance their role in the commercial/promo projects.

Auditions are being held virtually for StudioLIVE!

What is StudioLIVE?

StudioLIVE is a film/commercial/acting production/acting core program that produces professional commercials, promos, and projects. These projects will be featured throughout the Internet and premiering on many social media channels. Also, the commercials will be voted on and the winning commercials will be featured in a marketing campaign.

About StudioLIVE

This program is specifically designed to teach and develop accepted members how to Act in Front of the Camera and build those skills by training, script creation, and applying what’s being learned in real-time professional project(s).

Must be willing to show up at all rehearsals, take instruction, and practice on their own. Each core member must have a recording device (a smart device is fine) to record clips and as requested, send them to the Director of the commercial.

What are we looking for in a StudioLIVE core cast member?

We are looking for a very talented, unique, original, creative, and enthusiastic entertainer who can demonstrate a wide variety of emotions and expressions. Must have a passion for performing and creating ideas, especially on camera. Also must be willing to show up at all rehearsals, take instruction, practice on their own, and have a recording device (a smart device is fine) to record clips and as requested send them to the director.



Acceptance into StudioLIVE is by a video submitted screen test audition only.


Meeting virtually through Zoom every other Saturday(s), 2 pm-5 pm. As well as other occasional times and practicing on your own.

First Day of StudioLIVE - Open Call

* StudioLive is a prestigious membership opportunity for the participants that are cast. Before you download or submit your Screen Test, Please make sure that you scroll down to read StudioLive FAQs to learn more. 

Audition And Script material can be downloaded by clicking below.
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Please start by saying your name, age, and any other information you would like to share before you start acting out and reading the one piece. 

When you're finished, look to the camera and say your full name again with your contact information via phone number and email.

Please have good lighting and please articulate clearly so that each word is understood.

After your audition application is submitted, it will be reviewed by our casting team.

Due Date: Currently Accepting International Screen Tests for Talent.

Requirements for those selected into studioLIVE from the Screen Tests. 

Each Artist will need their own Green Screen, Light Ring, and Smart Device to Video Tape themselves. All very reasonable and affordable on Amazon. See Below.

Green Screen
Green Screen with Stand
Light Ring
Smart Device

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What ages are accepted?

You must be aged 12 - 20.

How long does the commitment last?

Once accepted, the membership is indefinite and can be managed and canceled at any time online.

What’s the membership cost if accepted?

There are four membership options:

Annual fee of $599 ($399 for a limited time) and then $59 a month or

Annual Fee of $399 ($199 for a limited time) and then $99 a month or

Monthly fee of $129 a month.

A big savings on an annual plan. Visit the membership registration page to find out more.

All membership options can cancel at any time.

Why do I have to pay to be in this? 

StudioLIVE is a premier training program that bridges professional experience for accepted core members. The staff and professionals that we have assembled do this for a living. Our company was fortunate to be able to get them to set the time aside to work with everyone. It’s a tremendous opportunity and I wanted everyone to be able to have this experience. Anyone that knows about the Studio knows that learning and training are of utmost importance. So yes there is a fee to be involved. 

What will core cast members be doing? 

We will be creating group promos and commercials. We will be creating commercial scripts about various products for marketing clients' promotion. Our scripts will be humorous, serious and will cover the gamut of different levels of emotion and various characterizations.

Will I be discovered as a result of being involved in this?

If what you’re asking is will other professionals see your work? Yes, It’s very possible. Of course continuing to work in the field will give artists a greater chance to meeting the kinds of people that are the decision-makers to bigger opportunities.

Where will rehearsals take place?

Rehearsals will take place virtually every other Saturday and some additional rehearsals from time to time.

Will all my friends and family have a chance to see these videos and promos that are created?

Absolutely! Every video will be shared on Social Media. After the votes have been tallied, the winning video will be announced and will be shared and promoted directly with our marketing partner.

Everyone will see and get to enjoy all of the videos!


Please fill out the Screen Test Application below.

Please Note: a Video Screen Test is required for consideration. If you don’t have a screen test video uploaded to Youtube/GoogleDrive of your screen test then we will be unable to consider you for membership.

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